Mountain Biking, and more!

Humboldt County offers some great biking trails! The closest to us in Garberville is at the Southern Humboldt Community Park. Here is a link to their website to get full details about the park including all they offer, directions, and even volunteer opportunities. 

For information on biking trails for the rest of the county, here is a link to Humboldt County's tourism and information page about biking. The Humboldt County tourism "things to do" homepage will tell you about everything else Humboldt has to offer including beaches, tour packages, birdwatching, and golf!

Skate ramp at the Southern Humboldt Community Park: WORK IN PROGRESS! Though it's not ready just yet, things are well under way in dismantling the old ramp, getting the new ramp assembled and the continued planning for the eventual concrete park. Give us a call to get the most up-to-date information on the new ramp. 


Oh yeah... we uh, forgot where all those super secret surf spots are! Give us a call and see if you can jog our memory (707) 923-1965.

A bit about etiquette: nobody likes crowded beaches! We recommend that people coming to surf the area do so in small groups of two and three people. Be kind, even if others are not, share the waves, pack your trash, and you'll do just fine!



Hiking & Backpacking

From novice to extreme naturalist, the surrounding areas offer countless great hikes and backpacking trips. King Range has trails that keep travelers and locals coming back to repeat over and over again. The closest hiking trails to Garberville are the Avenue of the Giants and the Southern Humboldt Community Park. Options then open up in pretty much all directions, durations and difficulties! Some places may require permits or signing in ahead of time so we recommend checking out Humboldt County's webpage about hiking trails to narrow down your search and get the contact information you may need.

Or, if you'd rather leave the stress of planning, permitting, and everything in between to someone else, hit up Blu over at Lost Coast Adventure Tours. He offers everything from shuttles to guided hikes, and more- just bring your sense of adventure!




Old ramp at the Southern Humboldt Community Park

Old ramp at the Southern Humboldt Community Park